Monday 24 February 2014

FNSI, OPAM, 1 Xmas Item

Of course the camera batteries would be flat just after I've been to town and don't have any spares. So I have 'borrowed' the ones from the cordless mouse, taken my pics and replaced the batteries back in the mouse. Batteries are now on my shopping list! Wonder if I could buy Mojo batteries too?

Now ... back to Friday night and sewing ... I decided to go with blanket stitch applique on Miss Moo and have been able to finish the applique over the weekend. Just needing eyes and her name embroidered.

Then on Sunday I made a start on an IPad  beanbag for work. Hubby got the request for a nice flat rock about this big (using hands to show size) for a weight and found the perfect size somewhere up the paddock while pumping water for the cows. One IPad beanbag ready to go to school tomorrow and a tick for OPAM.

I didn't have a gadget to test drive it with so I used the pattern for my 1 Xmas Item long term project.

Which brings me to my progress so far on block 1 and my 1 Xmas Item A Month for February. If slow and steady won the race then I'm already a winner. I'm attempting needle turn again after several years since my first attempt. Lots of leaves to prepare next.

Another busy week ahead so it's nice to sit down after dinner and do some stitchery to unwind before bed.

Happy Stitches     >^..^<

Friday 21 February 2014


Hopefully I can keep my eyes open long enough tonight to join in the Friday night fun. Wendy has a delicious, custardy treat for us too ... yum!

A quick trip into town this morning to buy 3 skeins of embroidery thread to match fabric colours on my latest applique project and some vliesofix for another project. Gosh ... I have 3 projects to choose from ... which will I work on?  Of course the main reason for going to town was groceries but it's a good chance to hit the craft shop while I'm there ... right?

Still waiting for our turn to get some rain but it's lovely to hear that it's been falling in some much needed places ... our turn will come.

Monday 17 February 2014

Scrap Basket Sunday

A quick post to show that I did join another 100 x 2" squares into a finished block on Sunday.

Chain piecing is definitely the way to go.  While I had these passing under the needle, I also pieced together as much as I could for Block 1 of 'A Merry Christmas Garden'. This one is going to keep me busy ... lots of steps and I'm revisiting needle turn applique.

Spent a lovely day today at our local patchwork group. Only 5 of us were able to make it but there was plenty of show and tell lots to chat about .... food for the soul.


Sunday 9 February 2014

On My Mind

The drought continues it's hold on Aussie lives as well as fires and hard to believe but in places ... yes floods.

Chookyblue and Channelbank Creations are two blogging friends who have first hand experience and have shared the harshness of drought on their blogs. Please take the time to visit if you haven't already.

Meanwhile our blogging friends around the world are experiencing major flooding or record snowfalls and extreme temperatures. When, if ever, will our crazy weather balance out? Please stay safe xx

Friday night was a lovely night out with friends.  I started stitching on this broody little hen ... a nice way to take a break from a busy week.

I promised myself that today would have to be vacuum and bathroom day ... if you can promise yourself you'll do housework.  So did I?  ....  yes!  With a sparkling bathroom and nice clean floors I could then play with some fabric guilt free.

First I laid out the completed postage stamp quilt blocks .... 6 in total. Actually this was before the vacuum came out. Even though I didn't get to sew any scraps today, this is my pic for Scrap Basket Sunday. It's good to see them laid out together.

Also managed to finish preparing the first 2 blocks of "Little Maccas Farm" ready for applique. I'm not 100% sure if I'll machine applique but I'm leaning towards hand blanket stitching them.

Playing with fabrics can be a nice way to unwind. 


Friday 7 February 2014

Here We Go Again!

Obviously time has slipped past me once more .... I expected that as the work year gets back into full swing. Still feeding cattle, carting water and waiting for that all too important yet elusive rainfall.

Last Sunday I managed to play with some scraps for ScrapBasket Sunday and never got round to sharing my progress. The first pic is the 81 blocks all joined together ... I'm think a simple cream border and binding to showcase the blocks?

The second project is from a Postage Stamp Charm Swap I took part in through 2012. Don't think I even touched them in 2013 but I'm keen to at least get all the blocks sewn. Each square of fabric is 2" ... 100 pieces in each block.

I do have a rough design in my head with 9 completed blocks, some cream or white sashings and more little postage stamp charms.

This week has whipped around and already it's Friday night. Time for a fun night out with friends so if you haven't had a chance yet, skip over to Cherryl's lickity split to sign up.