Friday, 30 November 2012

November Wrap

Time for a look see at how November went.  I started out on a roll but soon came to a halt ... and finished with a trickle of stitching.
1 Xmas Item ~ Secret Sewing - still sewing

Tis The Seasn ~ started handquilting

Ribbon Stars ~ :(  backing too small, need to buy

Finish 3 Pot Holders ~ Yay!  Done!

Work on a UFO  ~  Yipee!  Finished Block
When I pulled out the backing fabric for Ribbon Stars it was only half the size I needed so I've had to add that to the shopping list.
My UFO was the 6th block of Red Delicious and I'm very pleased to say it's finished.

Completed blocks to date.

I've been busy tallying all the months and all the elves and have come up with a few little surprises that shall be revealed tomorrow. Someone managed an item every month and it wasn't me :(
Don't forget you're welcome to a final post on the 15th December with a last minute make or  a photo of something made earlier and is now on display.

Happy Sewing


  1. I love your red delicious blocks. I know it wasn't me who made something each month. I bombed out badly but I did make a few things.

  2. Don't think it was me either. :) Love the red delicious block. Hugs,

  3. wow that block of the month is awesome Narelle ,well done.xx

  4. red delicious looks lovely.... I wonder if anyone actually gets all that's on their list done?
    Not me either.... but it was great getting what I could done!

  5. The blocks look really good! Well done.

    I would like to invite you to enter the Pacifica gift set giveaway at my blog now:

  6. Hello Narelle,

    Delciious blocks are beautiful, the quilt is going to be stunning.

    Happy days.