Tuesday 16 April 2024

A Finish or 2 of Sorts

 The Chookshed Challenge was just what I needed ... thank you ladies. I've kept working on a couple and have finishes to share. 

Challenge 2 - 'Crochet Rug' - Finished

Challenge 4 - "Strip Insertion Quilt" - Finished Top

I have to admit to stalling on this month's challenge but I did work out the new crochet pattern I mentioned. 

And then there's Row 2 of my 2024 Temperature Quilt 

Of course the recent school holidays meant Sleepovers with Masters 10 and 4 who love helping with the cattle work. This particular morning tea menu was pikelets and mug cakes. 

So that's a little catch up on April and I still have time to work on the current Challenge #9.


  1. I love your strip insertion top! Just stunning. Great work on the crochet too and the new pattern looks good. Nice to see your young men in the kitchen. xx

  2. All progress is good progress and a finish or two is always great. But school holiday trump everything.

  3. Well done with your finish. Also good to have some progress on #9.
    Always fun making memories with the grandies.
    Maria lifeontheblock

  4. good job on your finishes!
    lovely to pass on some skills to your grandies.

  5. wow lots happening here and always great to have a finish.......

  6. Love your temperature quilt!!!