Thursday 26 July 2007

Roses are Red

Well one of my roses is red but for now these are the first to bloom. I just had to plant roses at our new place and couldn't wait till they were in. I've given hubby credit for preparing the bed because they've been no time at all and here are the first three. This top one is 'Blue Moon'.

I tried a different white this time. This one is 'Mount Shasta'. A large rose with quite a lovely scent. It was actually planted 3 weeks after the others and the first to open up.

And I couldn't go past 'Double Delight' again. My mum's favourite. You know the saying that you should take the time to stop and smell the roses. Maybe this will be my new motto.

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  1. hi Narell -- thanks for visiting my site. You left a comment, but no email address! the four-patch quilt is like a kaleidoscope but much easier because its all squares. Love your roses. My sister lives in Hobart, Tas, and I know it's too cold for roses at the moment. Does Queensland stay pretty warm all year?