Tuesday, 18 March 2008

Cross Number 1). from the WIP List

Here is the completed 4 and 9 patch floral I have been working on. I am please to say it was completed last Friday, the label sewn on Saturday and gifted to my cousin for her 40th birthday. Please excuse my photographic skills. The weather was bleak outside and space limited indoors so I asked Cameron to hold the quilt up while I took the pic. With not much room to move and an impatient assistant, I couldn't get the right angle but I assure you the quilt is square. The colour isn't true either under the flouro light. As well I had to use my son's camera as mine is playing up. I'm just glad it was ready in time.

We still have no landline telephone and the frustration is mounting. We keep following it up and the days keep ticking over. We're also in the process of changing mobile handsets over for better reception, but that also seems to be a slow process.

Saturday morning was spent shopping with Cam. He was previously boarding and has now moved out on his own so almost everything except the kitchen sink was on the shopping list. Of course being the independant young man that he is, I could only guide him so far. The hardest part of childbirth so far has been letting go when they leave the nest.

Lisa will be home this Friday for Uni Easter break and Cam is having a weeks leave also, so we'll be back to full house for the week. The fabric for my spring quilt swap is all ready and I'm keen to get started on that now. And I'm still hand sewing english hexagons. I would love a week straight of patchwork only, no housework or bookwork and all meals provided. Here's to dreams.

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