Sunday, 14 December 2008

Good Intentions

Saturday dawned and I had good intentions of getting some sewing done as part of Niki's Last Push Quilt-a-thon. The thing is, DH also had good intentions of getting some paddock work done ... and you know the old saying ... work before pleasure.

I did manage this little fellow while waiting for him to get things ready. It's just a sneak peak of a Christmas Gift I'm working on.

At the end of November I was lucky enough to win this "Old Fashioned Favourites" Pattern from JoyPatch and it arrived in the mail last Wednesday.

These will have to wait till after Christmas but then DD and I will have fun making them all up. She's keen to make the oven mit and declared she needs an apron cause she tends to be a messy cook. Thankyou Joy, we're looking forward to it.

Sadly I didn't achieve much sewing on Saturday, and my attempts at having even one finish for Finn's New Years Eve Challenge are looking grim but there's still time. So I'm going to jump in and join the 'Get It Done Challenge' for 2009. I already have a WIP list on my sidebar along with a list of projects that I have the kits or fabric for so there's plenty to choose from. 2009 will be my year for WIP's, UFO's etc etc. (I hope!)

The heat has been almost unbearable yesterday and today so I'm off to sit in front of the fan and finish a second butterfly. I need to get cracking or Christmas will be here. At least I now have six weeks of not travelling to work so there should be more time for sewing.

Wishing everyone a Special Christmas Time.

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  1. I didn't get any stitching done today either ... tomorrow's not looking good, hmmm, maybe Tuesday???
    Glad you like the pattern ... can't wait to see what you make :o).
    Joy :o)