Monday 22 June 2009

Sneak Peak Time

Here they are, a couple of peaks at some of the goodies for my Christmas in July Swap.

Now to wrap and post.
We woke to rain on the roof this morning and it hasn't let up. Just nice steady rain, although I did still have some washing on the line from yesterday, but I don't mind a bit. A great day for some sewing ... or I could get ahead on some bookwork ... mmm?
I'll leave you with two photos of my mother's Zygo Cacti. She has six different colours in total but these two had the nicest blooms.

Happy Sewing


  1. Narelle , I'm sure someone is going to feel very special when they recieve your Christmas swap item .

  2. my zygo is a mass of flowers at the moment also..........beautiful

  3. Interesting peeks there Narelle! 8-)

    Great cacti plants! Each of my grandmothers had huge plants like that that flowered beautifully too!!! Me, not such luck... 8-)