Saturday 6 March 2010

Flooded In!

We'll be staying at home for a little bit.

This is the road to the west of us to the town where I work. Over 1.5m deep (5 foot).

Here is the road to our east. We travel this way to our main shopping centre for groceries, business etc. The level indicator is well in there somewhere. Luckily we managed to buy groceries the day before this went over.

So for the time being, we'll be staying put. Thankfully we're high and dry and I have plenty of UFO's to keep me busy.


  1. wondering where in Queensland you are,been watching news and feel for all those flooded.I worry about mine with fire they are high and dry from water. Do hope your home safe,Pat in New Zealand.

  2. enjoy being stuck at home..........geez there is some water in QLD at the moment........

  3. Been watching the floods on TV, and feel for all those affected. I have family in the Roma area.
    Hope you have enough food to get you through! Stay safe, Jessica

  4. oh i'm hearing ya narelle! we are flooded in again too. only just managed to get the groceries done yesterday and like you, i have plenty of sewing to keep me busy.
    i wonder if you live far from me....
    julie :)

  5. Oh Narelle! Stay dry and safe! And I can't wait to see all the stitching that will come from this! :)
    You are in my prayers, and thanks for the Lovely pix!

  6. Pat in NZ again, it is unreal all that water, my home was flooded afew years ago and i really feel for those who's homes have been hit,its the most awful thing to happen.You lose so much the house sticks for months even after it is dry, it breaks you up something awful I used to get so upset every time it rained, its a Fair bitch,i just wish i could help,Pat

  7. Looks absolutely dreadful on the news. Glad you are safe even though stranded... hope it stays that way! (Safe - not stranded). We'd be happy to have some of that rain over here in the very dry (no rain in more than 100 days) West.

  8. How convenient!lol
    At least you are making the most of the weather.
    Glad you are high and dry.
    We wish some of that water would come down to Victoria. We have had our share today with super storms but nowhere near as much as you guys.
    take care...

  9. Oh no you are not going anywhere ! All the best and take care .

  10. Have a good sewing time while housed.. Hope its gone soon so you can get supplies..

  11. I so wish you could send that lovely water down here to dry old South Australia....wish I was back home in Qld...hugs Khris

  12. I wonder, you have crocs or gators there as we do?!?!
    Take care...
    We are a strong bunch, aren't we!??!
    We have to worry about fire here in our summer, which is approaching quickly... Just a fact of life that we have to make do with...