Thursday, 27 October 2011

UFO Thursday ... Bumps in the Road

There is no shortage of UFO's at my place ... just the time and inspiration to work on them. This top was a stack and wack I pieced 5 years ago and it was about time I got to the quilting. My first quilt loaded on the frame and ready to go but .... here's the first bump in the road.

When I'm quilting there is a little bump somewhere in the track and my quilting goes crooked. Needless to say there has been some un-sewing happening so I need to find that bump. Sandy hosts UFO Thursday over at Cookies and Cream Craft so pop over, say hi and see what else is happening this Thursday.

Here is the second bump in the road. On my way to patchwork yesterday morning this is what I found ... heavy enough but I managed to drag it off the road.

Some more hexie flowers blossomed yesterday but I can't show them just yet. I've added some October Christmas Items to the page above also ... you might like to check out what everyone has been creating. Now back to that quilting.


  1. You have a frame/machine set up!?! Have I missed a post about this?
    Good for you getting a project on there Narelle!! I hope you can iron out that pump!

  2. Both types of bumps are a nuisance aren't they!
    Like Myra said... is this a new toy for you?

  3. oh Narelle you have just reminded me that i have my stack and whack quilt to quilt also,lol

  4. Don't like those bumps either, especially if I have to sew backwards as a result. Dit some catching up here. So mucg has happened the last couple of months. I hope I will be a regular visitor again!