Thursday 16 February 2012

Routine Out The Window

So much for keeping a routine with storms in the last few days turning my week upside down. Flooded creeks meant I couldn't get to work and had to change work days around ... hubby also had to change plans.

Still managing a little stitching and sewing and I've finished my second block for Tis The Season. Check out my TTS page for block photos.

After watching all the completed quilts being shared on the Stitch-A-Long blog I decided to make this quilt for myself through 2012. Luckily I came across Susan at Thimble Stitch who along with Anne-Marie and Sam are also stitching TTS during 2012 so I asked if I could tag along. It's always so much nicer to stitch along with friends.

The binding is almost finished on the 'ocean' quilt ... I've made a start on my Xmas item for February ... hoping to have a third TTS block completed or atleast started ... one can only try :)

Don't forget this Friday Night is Sew-In time! Sign up with Heidi and settle in for a sewing good time.


  1. Your TTS block is beautiful!!! I think I'm working on my 8th atm... "See" you at FNSI, lol!

  2. LOve the block you have made... perfect fabrics.... hope the weather settles a bit ...

  3. Have a item in mind for the 25th but my glasses are in getting fitted with new lenses, so no sewing until they return.

  4. the tts stitcheries are a great project, I enjoyed mine, twice actually.
    Hope the weather settles for you!

  5. Being rained in could have it's lots of sewing time? Love your TTS block they are such fun little stitcheries. The inner border fabric is really nice. I'm worried mine is going to look too dreary.

  6. I see you on Friday then...! :)

  7. Love your TTS...the inner border fabric on the Elfin Sleigh is gorgeous...hope the storms and floods are easing...have a fun FNSI, see you there!...

  8. It is a gorgeous block. I love redwork and red-white quilts.
    Sorry to hear about the bad weather. Thought you had your share last year. Hope things get better soon.