Tuesday, 7 January 2014

2014 Steaming Ahead

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Well ... this year has certainly made a scorching start! With the temperature rising to record levels all over the country, I've been doing my best to lessen the heat stress on my animal family as well as myself. Saturday when we peaked at 42 deg, Grace the budgie got to watch cricket with hubby while sitting in front of the fan and every now and then I'd give her a mist of water with a spray bottle ... she loved that.  Fleur found lying on the downstairs tiles the best spot while Jayne chose under the house with the rooster and hens who have been free ranging as well. The dogs were given refreshing drinks too.

Each afternoon once there was enough shade at the front of the house, we would all migrate to mesh chairs and try and catch a breeze (usually a warm breeze) and wait for the evening to bring some relief. What a sight to be seen! Me laying in the deck chair, Jayne laying out on a mesh chair, Grace in her cage on another chair and the chooks picking around. Can't really blame Fleur for wanting nothing to do with us. Finally last night a few storms brought a cooler change and hubby measured 23 mm (92 points) of rain in the gauge this morning ... woohoo!

This has become a regular sight out in the paddock. The cows come on the trot as soon as they hear hubby on the tractor bringing some hay. A recent shower has greened the grass a little but not enough to make it grow much. The dams are still crying out for good runoff rain so fingers crossed we (farmers everywhere) are in for a welcome change. Too many have done it too tough for too long.

I snapped this pic while out and about with hubby and almost got myself a wasp sting for my troubles. Didn't see the little beggars until they flew at my face and one landed on my top lip. Needless to say I made a hasty retreat and then used the zoom on the camera.

There's been no sewing of any kind so far for 2014 in my house but I'm hoping that will change soon.

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Happy 2014     >^..^<


  1. hope you get lots more rain narelle we have had the heater going for the last 2 days,we are yet to get our summer,crazy hey.xx

  2. A big storm here yesterday, after a weekend of high temps. I hope you will get some more rain in your area soon. Have joined I Xmas Item again. Hope to get lots of Xmas items done early this year. Hugs....

  3. Too hot for sewing.....or anything! Hope the cooler weather hangs around.

  4. lovely to have the rain...we only got about 3mls and that turned to instant steam but today is cooler and quite pleasant... off to the new blog...

  5. Glad you got rain! Here it's been cold, but we are heading for a scorcher next week for the Open! xxx

  6. I hope more rain finds you soon. Melbourne has been pretty cool so far but who knows what is around the corner.

  7. Narelle thank goodness that wasp didn't get you!
    I think that everyone accepts that things get a bit daggy when it's so hot - staying cool is more important than looking cool! x

  8. It's good to hear you've had a little relief from that heat and also some rain. Here's hoping there is more rain relief for you all sometime soon.

  9. hope you have had another fall since this.......I saw your other post but can't comment so adding to it here........thanks....lets just hope we can keep going..........