Friday, 7 February 2014

Here We Go Again!

Obviously time has slipped past me once more .... I expected that as the work year gets back into full swing. Still feeding cattle, carting water and waiting for that all too important yet elusive rainfall.

Last Sunday I managed to play with some scraps for ScrapBasket Sunday and never got round to sharing my progress. The first pic is the 81 blocks all joined together ... I'm think a simple cream border and binding to showcase the blocks?

The second project is from a Postage Stamp Charm Swap I took part in through 2012. Don't think I even touched them in 2013 but I'm keen to at least get all the blocks sewn. Each square of fabric is 2" ... 100 pieces in each block.

I do have a rough design in my head with 9 completed blocks, some cream or white sashings and more little postage stamp charms.

This week has whipped around and already it's Friday night. Time for a fun night out with friends so if you haven't had a chance yet, skip over to Cherryl's lickity split to sign up.


  1. Fabulous scrap basket quilt. Scraps are my favourite thing at present. Good luck with the postage stamp quilt. it looks like slow going. How many blocks have you done so far?
    I hadn't planned for FNWF but I think I will have to squeeze it in :)

  2. Love the scrap basket quilt. I am doing a 100-patch quilt too--I think I have 3 done. Need to pull them back out and play. It is fun to do something that you don't have to think about too much. Hope you see the rain soon.

  3. Love using those scraps. See you tonight.

  4. your siggie blocks look fantastic all together and your postage stamps block are great.
    Enjoy your friday night's sewing!

  5. Lovely quilts you are making. Especially the scrap one. I love scraps.

  6. Great use of those tiny squares Narelle, you are very brave! Your idea of the sashing & border sound great, go for it x

  7. great work - it is so satisfying using up scraps - looking forward to seeing your finishes :) visiting from FNwF :)

  8. Great way to use up all those small scraps, but it looks like it would take a lot of time. The siggy blocks look great!