Saturday, 20 June 2015

FNSI and My June

With an early start on my Fri-day-Night Sew-In and a close call with my beef stew (just caught it before it reached the point of 'too caramelized') ... I finished off the night with a browse through a couple of magazines ... sewing ones of course.

I began by finishing the last big block and giving my ladybugs some detail for NJ's June blocks. Then pressed and trimmed.

This centre piece is for block 2 of AMCG ... now finished, pressed and trimmed.

Lastly I cut and placed the fabric to piece together for the centre block background of NJ. The sewing happened this morning so now I'm ready to select scrap fabrics for the appliques.

Waaaayyy back at the beginning of June hubby and I traveled about 4 1/2 hours south where I planned to meet up with this lovely lady for our annual stroll around Farmfest and all it's agriculture displays... but really it's about catching up, enjoying a coffee and yummy treat ... thanks Fiona, time went far too quickly.

An extra special treat this year with Lee Kernighan performing.

Homeward bound and then off again to help this gorgeous little man celebrate his first birthday. Every man needs a work vehicle.

As well as the usual driving to and from work, housework etc, we carried out a full muster and weaned any older calves.  Millie might travel to and from the cattle yards in style, but when she's up there, she likes to hang out with the working dogs and watch the proceedings.

Just one more week and then school holidays ... can't wait!



  1. what a productive fnsi, boy those blocks have progressed well. I am going to enjoy seeing everyone's centre blocks coming together.
    Perfect gift for your grandie! every boy needs a tonka.
    can you believe it's only one week to go? Yippee!

  2. lovely NJ nice and Fiona got to catch up......good to hear all the cattle work is done for a bit..............

  3. Looks like you had a great night. Love the appliqué block. How cute is Millie, she knows who's in charge!

  4. Busy FNSI...well done on being ahead of the game with NJ...nice blocks all round...

  5. Sounds like you had a great FNSI. Love the blocks. I'm still deciding on whether to do a pieced centre for NJ or a whole fabric background. Hugs,xx

  6. You certainly had a busy FNSI. Research for future projects is always a must.

  7. Beautiful blocks you have made...lovely to catch up with Fiona...great present for the little man! Love the dog photo!

  8. I just love the colours you are using in your projects... busy busy and it was such fun catching up.... gotta love big tonka's for little boys...

  9. Lots of lovely stitching done. Looks like June has been a great month for you. hugs.....

  10. Your Applique looks gorgeous. Love your Nature's Journey blocks.

  11. Love the puppy's seating preference....that made me laugh out loud! well done on all the stitching.

  12. Very productive with your lovely projects, Narelle. Millie sure looks like she's roughing it in that photo! Your GS is a real cutie - bet he's enjoying his new work vehicle :-)

  13. Beautiful progress on you blocks there Narelle... lovely to see you with Fiona, what a great day out.
    Boy I do l-o-v-e that pic of Millie - paying attention to everything & enjoying catching up with her friends too!

  14. You are doing well with your NJ blocks and like your applique block.
    How cute is your GS..
    Millie has a good spot there.

  15. I love your NJ blocks, gorgeous colours, and love the photo of Millie!