Sunday, 2 August 2015

Fabric Play Surprise

Last Monday was such a cold and blustery day and I found myself with spare time ... what! ... after getting over the shock I pulled out my 4 'orange' pieces and also my scraps from the appliques. Lots of cutting later I have 51 little squares (spares in case 1 or 2 just won't do) for the diamonds ...

and laying out while I cut the next border, I left this as is sitting on the spare bed to sew together later in the week.

A message from DD on Wednesday meant extra visitors arriving Thursday and the spare bed was required. Some late night sewing after work and the 4 borders are sewn and pinned to the centre ... phew! 

Major wedding business happening since and now it's back to work as the next week rolls around.

Happy Sewing     >^..^<


  1. love the orange border. Hope you get some more spare time to craft.

  2. The varied orange border looks good. Sounds like lots of wedding planning happening.

  3. good idea to get a bit ahead whenever you have time... so much on the go now for a couple of months....

  4. good to see that border on..........

  5. Hi znarelle,lots happening at your place,love your centre block xx

  6. WOW...lots happening up there...
    Just remember to breathe... xox