Sunday, 3 December 2017

December Traditions

Once upon a time when my children were little, a tradition began. We always waited until the first weekend in December to put any Christmas decorations up ... roll the clock forward almost 3 decades and

with Christmas Carols filling the air, Grandson J and I have been busy spreading cheer throughout our home.

For each day during the month of November , DD and I decluttered an equal number of "things" ie: on the 1st, 1 item, on the 2nd, 2 items and so on all the way to 30 items on the 30th. At first it was daunting and again getting towards the biggest numbers ... but it only takes the right storage cupboard and it was easy peasy. Now must of my cupboards have been emptied and re-organized ... oh what a feeling!

Decisions have been made and steps taken to also declutter life in general so we're ready to take on whatever 2018 has in store. But let's not rush through December, I have some stitching to catch up on ... one more week of paid work ...

I did manage one finish for November.

Enjoying the sound of rain on the roof ... time for a relaxing cuppa.


  1. I decided many years ago the same thing about when the decorations go up. So mine went up yesterday too. 😊😊. Love your block. Hugs, xx

  2. A lovely tradition. I love your decorating. Your HCC block is looking it! I bet you are like the ladies in my family and looking forward to December 8th xxx

  3. Need to declutter.......did a couple of rooms but need to do heaps more......
    rain on the roof....... Omg so exciting...... Filled all our dams this weekend.......

  4. What a wonderful tradition Narelle... there is such wisdom in downsizing the 'stuff' we own, so we can love our lives even more. Rain is the best sound!

  5. Hi Narelle ,thats what i need to doo some declutering,but i will have to wait till my ankle is better.
    Love your tradition and isnt it lovely to have the grandie help to decorate,they make xmas,hope you have a lovely day my friend xx

  6. lovely decorating.... I am naughty and wait till the last minute to decorate!! the grinch is alive and well here! haha.... well done with the decluttering.... less is often much nicer