Tuesday, 30 April 2019

April Post and OPAM

Gotta have a post for April .... school holidays means ramping up the work on our property, fencing, mustering, grandson J visiting. Add getting sick for a week, throw in our local show on Easter weekend. Then back to work at school. Phew!

Squeezed in a couple small things ...

Decorated Tie for show
1st place

Homemade Keto Chocolates
for Easter

April postcards #1, #2

Santa Cutlery Holder
For 1 Xmas Item A Month
and OPAM

May has quite a few days marked on the calendar already ... just go with the flow ...


  1. you sure know how to make the most of the holidays!!! lots to do so I'm impressed with the fun crafting you managed to fit in also...x

  2. Love your projects & those chocolates look yummy. Hugs,xx

  3. It sounds like you were lucky to fit any creativity into the holidays! Lovely makes...the Santa is very cute!

  4. Holidays always seem to fly by after hanging out for them....last term was a long one. Well done on the tie win! Postcards looks great TOO!

  5. Lovely projects! That Santa is so cute!! Maybe when I get back home I can get started on 1 xmas a month again... xx