Tuesday, 25 August 2020

Yep ... Still Crazy Busy

 SIL has had his first knee op so we're one step closer there. A little evening stitching goes on and I have block 5 now complete. Tick for 1Xmas and WOOFA ... little goals are achievable.

We had our first sleepover baby sitting with Grandson M (7 1/2 months) and his big brother Grandson J ... all went well. This was the same weekend Chooky had another zoom stitching so sadly I missed out and this ... hopefully next time.

Just breath deeply and take that next step.

Driving home from town yesterday afternoon ... fire season already?


  1. Your quilt is looking fantastic...& it's always nice having sleepovers with the grandies...xox

  2. Your Christmas blocks are looking great.
    Pleased you could have the grandies for a sleep over .
    Hope to catch up next Zoom.

  3. Sorry you missed Chooky's zoom, but you were making memories with the grandies.

  4. lovely christmas quilt in the making! will it be done by christmas?
    how lovely having your grandies for a sleepover.

  5. Your Christmas quilt looks lovely. Oh dear, those dreaded fires! Glad all went well with your grandchildren. xx

  6. Hi Narelle wow your Xmas quilt is coming along beautifully ,well done. Oh you are lucky seeing your beautiful grandies we haven't been able to see ours for weeks,stay safe and take care my friend xx

  7. fire season is looking like it will be really bad out here if it dries off........its still green at ground level thankfully.......
    nice christmas quilt......
    lovely you had the kids hopefully next time you might get in.......

  8. Lovely quilt almost done.... hopefully the fire was just some planned burn.... great to have the children, they don't stay small for long...