Saturday, 3 April 2021

Back From the Carribean

 I wish!  No such luck, just got busy and all that other stuff.  I have finished both the February and March blocks for the mystery quilt ... Love the colours for this year.

Our daughter, son-in-law and grandsons moved to their new home in early March ... happy and sad time for all and the house is so quiet now. I've been finding where I tucked away my craft and sewing things and still looking for some.

Now that Queensland is experiencing mandatory mask wearing, I thought I would stock up on a few masks for hubby and I and a few family members.  After whipping up a couple on Wednesday, I finished off a few more yesterday.

Another little finish was this wash cloth I started back in January ... I know slow and steady can win the race but there must be a limit!

In keeping up with a couple of monthly challenges, I found my Happy Houses blocks which are listed on the left under WOOFA. Also adding to the list will be Strips and Curves which I found last week while looking for elastic, and a project using old denim jeans. The washcloth is good for March -1 Xmas Item A Month and March OPAM. Let's hope my motivation hangs on.



  1. haha, having just offered you masks I see you have made some lovely ones!! well done and hope they do the trick. a washcloth in 3 months is good! love that yarn... and your blocks for your mystery challenge are gorgeous... like you say the colours are lovely. Have a lovely Easter weekend.. though work on a farm doesnt stop for anything.... all the best for the young family in their new home... empty nest is the pits but you will soon spread your craft and fill the spaces!

  2. We can ditch our masks now thankfully (and for the moment)
    Love your two blocks, especially the lovely blues in the first.
    Pretty wash cloth.
    Sad you’ll have to adjust to an empty next again

  3. Yes it would be bitter sweet with the young family moving out but I’m sure you’ll soon find crafty things to do to keep you busy in your free time..
    Nice blocks and a sweet wash cloth .