Sunday, 9 May 2021

At Last It Grows and FNWF

 I'm not daring to look back at the year of starting this crochet rug, I'll just concentrate on the finish as I'm really glad I could pick up (and remember how!) where I had left off. Friday night I managed to full rows of colour, each colour is 2 rows. A total of 6.75 rows since picking it up again last Monday.


It's sets of 3 treble crochet with 1 chain between each ... in the 1st row of a colour, the middle one of each set hooks down to the previous row. I was given the  pattern from mum and she called it 'Cat's Tail' ... it may have other names like 'Houndstooth'.

This coming week will reveal the next block of my Murder Mystery Quilt. So far this year I've been completing the blocks before the end of each month ... last year I'd be rushing to get them done as the next one was being released ... so here is April's block (2 blocks of applique).

This quilt will be my 3rd mystery quilt and my favourite.

Thank you Cheryll for another lovely Friday Night.


  1. The chrochet rug looks great.... Nice pattern.....

  2. Great you’ve picked up the crochet again, good luck working towards the finish.
    Well done having your blocks done on time....

  3. Love your rug it's a nice pattern. Your blocks look great. Hugs, xx

  4. Love your rug....its great! Well done on your blocks x

  5. Thanks for the detail on your rug... it looks so good....

  6. Crochet looking great - interesting pattern. xx

  7. Your crochet looks great, great pattern