Sunday, 9 January 2022

A New Year - A New Page

What this new year will bring is anyone's guess 

and no guess is too crazy or way out there.  

So just take a moment to stop .... and breathe.  

I've been busy in the kitchen today but no, not cooking.  Cobwebs banished, walls and ceiling washed and some decluttering going on.  When it comes to household "stuff" this year my motto is - "if I don't use it...lose it!" Freshly washed curtains re-hung and I'm smiling.

My "just because" photo.


  1. is that a crepe myrtle? looks pretty.......goodluck on the use it or lose it.......I am almost in the groove.....

  2. Pretty view from your window….
    You’re idea of not using to lose it sounds like a plan….

  3. A good clean and declutter does help.... (except in the sewing room - never chuck out there - you will use it one day!!! haha). Happy New Year... keep safe...

  4. Happy new year clean up sounds productive.
    Here's hoping for a better year ahead

  5. What a great sentiment for the year. Do you want to pop over to my place and give it a good scrub too?

  6. Happy New Year to you as well! Nothing better than freshly washed curtains!! Although with us being in yet another house for the start of the year ..... I'm unpacking, finding places for things to live and could do with making some fresh curtains - but they will have to wait till later in the year when things are more organzsed - I'm with you on the "use it or loose it"