Wednesday, 21 September 2022

Tuffet Time

Back again with some more finished items that I hadn't shared before.  I purchased a Tuffet kit a while back, chose fabrics, changed my mind on the fabrics, and ended up make two covers. So then I've been sourcing all the extra bits to make the 2nd tuffet.  This was the first completed with my 2nd choice of fabrics, goes better in my lounge.

This 3D card was a fun make and yes, I wrote a message on the note in the bottle.

Here is another section of our Exhibition. I had forgotten to take photos of the entryway adorned in a Christmas theme.

Last but not least, this is the 2nd tuffet completed just today, with my first choice of fabrics. This one will go lovely in Mum's lounge....surprise mum!

 A quiet day today with no power for almost 12 hours, luckily back on in time to cook dinner.


  1. Your tuffets look lovely. Pretty card.

  2. Love both your Tuffets... I bought the pattern years ago, didn't make it. Passed it to my DD and still not make.😉.
    Lovely 3D card too!

  3. oh that's what you were wrestling with when we zoomed looks great........they both look great........
    thanks for the exhibition pics.......looks good...