Saturday 16 March 2024

Unearthed Mystery

At the start of the month, while I was looking for my #2 Strips project, I unearthed a small plastic container and dared to peak.  If I'm being honest, there's more than one small plastic container in a large tub but one at a time.

This particular one contained fabric already cut into strips of varying lengths and sorted into sets, each with a 2.5" square ... and about seven 6.5" blocks already sewn.  Last patchwork day I had a last minute change of project, packed the sewing machine and got to joining those sets into more blocks.

Yesterday I finished sewing the last few blocks, auditioned some fabrics for a border and ... hey presto. Finished size is 42" square ... a nice size for a lap quilt to keep me warm in front of the TV. I have no idea how long it has sat hidden away but I'm pleased to have a completed top.

Now on with the Strip Insertion Quilt ... I've managed to track down the pattern. We're having a planned power outage for maintenance today so I'm rushing to get a few jobs down; fill the hot water flask for future cuppas; pressed this top; quick vacuum and then I can sit outside in the sunlight and do some handwork.

Happy Weekend


  1. That was a nice bonus to tick off the list. Well done. Good luck with your next project.

  2. Great quilt top there.... good find...

  3. What a great scrappy top that is. xx

  4. Wow! It is now a fantastic finished flimsy!

  5. That was a great find and made a lovely quilt for you x