Saturday, 28 November 2009

Christmas Ornament Swap

First of all a big thankyou and Christmas Cheer to Claire and Robyn for organising this fun swap.
Here is the lovely card stitched by Andrea ...

and her sweet ornament that will be hanging proudly on my tree as soon as it goes up.
Thankyou Andrea.
I love the idea of having ornaments hanging on my tree that have been made by wonderful new friends.
This is the card I made for Andrea ...

and the ornament I made from a Marg Low Design - Simple Pleasures.

(Sorry the photo is blurry, I was in a hurry before work to get it in the post).
Might change by blog background later to get into the Christmas mood.


  1. Love your header photo Narelle!!! Too cute! 8-)

    Wonderful cards and ornaments, in and out bound... 8-)

  2. What lovely gifts Narelle. I am definitely liking the christmas theme in blue.
    (couldn't see the pic of your ornament-is it just me?)

  3. great goodies and I love the teddy in the header

    Love and hugs Gina xxx

  4. What beautiful things from both of you ! Glad you enjoyed the swap !

  5. I love work...but it can be a bug bear when it gets in the way of stitching..
    Rainbow smiles :-} Gloria

  6. Hello Narelle, your parcel has come with me. I have been glad very much. The Quilt is so nice and will get a nice place with me. Also I like the materials very well, exactly my colours. Thank you. I hope you also get thus a nice parcel. I wish and your family a good yule tide and a good slide the new year. Lots of love Andrea
    PS: Excuse me, my bad english ;-)

  7. Narelle, Hellloooooo :D
    Love the Christmassy feel here!
    What gorgeous ornaments you and Andrea sent each other..and cards... simply gorgeous!
    Isn't it fun having Friend's handmade stuff on our tree? Makes everything so much more personal.
    So glad you enjoyed the swap.

  8. The ornaments coming and going are cute as they can be. I also love the little cutie on your blog header.