Friday, 29 July 2011

Colourful Friday ~ Leaves

Friday once more and 'leaves' are the subject of today.

When Robyn first suggested 'leaves' I decided to take loads of photos and make a collage. Living in the country there are leaves of every size, shape and colour to imagine. So where is my collage? I guess it's in the same place that the last two weeks went.

Instead I've photographed my current UFO which is finally up to the stage of hand stitching the binding. I just love this leafy fabric and have used it for the border and binding. The dark chocolate on the right is the back of the quilt.

For much more leafy inspiration visit Robyn and the Colourful Friday Bloggers.


  1. Great to see your leaves...even if they were what you originally intended! Nice that you took part.
    Thanks for dropping by my blog on CF.

  2. The leaves in your fabric are rather lovely. A gorgeous fabric. Good to see you are near the finish on your quilt.

  3. such lovely leafy fabric.... looking forward to seeing it all...

  4. Hello Narelle,

    Good luck with your leafy quilt. Yep time just flys by when you are having fun.
    Have a great weekend.

  5. Narelle,
    I can relate to your week. Sometimes it just goes like that. Your fabric is beautiful and it will be great to get your binding on. I have a couple of quilts that need binding. It's not my favorite thing to do.