Monday 7 May 2012

Monday Catch-up

It's a public holiday here today so I get to stay home from work ... I have so many 'little jobs' that I'd like to tidy up today but first things first. This scarf began it's life about June 2010 and I found it last week while looking for something else. Just need to bury some ends and it's ready for use and just in time as the weather has turned quite chilly .... brrrrrr!

Yesterday I noticed these 2 babies getting brave. Mum and Dad continually fly by and call for them to 'leave the nest' ... so far this is as far as they go and up on the board behind them. Number 3 is still hiding safe inside.

Through the week I posted off these 3 little parcels to USA as part of the Postage Stamp Charm Swap and I have 2 more to send tomorrow. Then I wait until my new 2" charm squares arrive in my mailbox and start playing with them.

Lastly I'd like to share a few photos I took last Sunday. After a wet Saturday and overcast Sunday I took the opportunity to get out of the house and took the camera for a walk ... joined by my girls for company.

Can you see the 2 kookaburras sitting in the tree branches?

Happy Monday


  1. And to YOU too! I hope you have a great day off today... enjoy the rest of your week too...even at work! :)

  2. wow what beautiful pics Narelle i really like the ones of the kookaburras,it was hard to spot them.xx

  3. HOpe you have a fabulous day off... public holiday here too... just nice and lazy..... great charms you have sent off and I love all your pictures... such sweet babies to watch. cooling down... the scarf will be needed

  4. glad you are getting some crafting happening on your day off. Love the baby swallows and your girls are so pretty. Spotted the kookaburras.

  5. Hello Narelle,

    Thanks for sharing your part of the world. Love the bird babies, so cute. Nearly scarf weather here to, but back into the high 20's later in the week again.

    happy days.

  6. Definitely moving into scarf weather and another project off your "To do" list. Your 2" squares are so cute. What fun awaits you when yours arrive.

  7. Hi Narelle,
    thanks so much for your help on my blog. i have been able to do what I wanted, but my photos are all munted!!! I have posted photos of my kittens but some did not upload, don't know what I did wrong. Love your posts. have a great day:)