Thursday 3 May 2012

Moving the Goal Posts

I find my calendar is filling up fast with the day to day  and 'must do' stuff and it's not leaving much time for my favourite past time of sewing. So if I keep my sewing goals small I still feel like I've achieved something crafty and it looks good to cross projects off as done each month.
For those items that aren't achieved, I just move the goal post to the end of the next month ... no stress! There's plenty of stress from other areas, I don't need to add it to my sewing time :)
BISS BOM ~ work on border
TTS ~ next block
1 Xmas Item ~ finish Candle Mat (March)
1 Xmas Item ~ Felt Bell (April)
Quilt hexagon table topper
Pin Cushion
Time ran out for the pin cushion but I was able to substitute another one as an entry for our show. The last bundle of BISS Bom fabric still waits patiently for me to start cutting.  I'll be attending a workshop in June to make a quilt so I need to pull out some fabrics for that and get all the cutting part done ready to sew, sew, sew ... looking forward to that weekend.

BISS BOM ~ I'll get there eventually :)
TTS ~ Chilly Penguin
1 Xmas Item ~ Knitted Wash Cloth
Work on a UFO
Cut Fabric ready for workshop
Label my hexie Table Topper
Finish current UFO Scarf

May you achieve all or atleast most of your desired goals.


  1. Got a good list there Narelle!! And well done on your finishes from last month!! Boy, these months are just going past so darn quickly this year eh?!!

  2. I think I need to take a tip from you and set more realistic goals.... you did get lots done... I don't know how our days get filled with other stuff (besides sewing) all the time!!

  3. well done Narelle on your finishes and good luck for this month.xx

  4. And the same for you Tarnyia... goals like clouds.. keep moving and changing ! :)

  5. Where the heck did I get Tarnyia from??? Sorry Narelle... I think I need a D-R-I-N-K !! ooppsss

  6. You had some lovely ticks on your april list.
    Roll on May!

  7. You are doing very well Narelle. Wish I had accomplished that much!