Monday, 22 December 2014

Green Hills and Dam

Now that title is sounding a lot like someone's favourite story.  Computer is also charged and operational ... so much nicer all round. What a difference some good rain can make.

Beautiful red from the poinciana tree and the mock orange tree's white blossom has the most lovely fragrance.

We've fenced off some of the house yard so the horses can have a treat.

Still busy moving cattle about so that they all get access to some new green grass. There's not a lot of it yet ( a long way to grow back) so some have gone back to their paddock and the others are rotated about to give the grasses a chance to rejuvenate.

So time to get organized for Christmas with a few last minute chores around the house before family arrive in a couple of days.

To all my lovely blogger friends and visitors, I wish you a Merry Christmas full of love and laughter with those near and dear to you. 

May 2015 be everything you hope for and the weather be kind to all.


  1. wow that is such a better outlook..............ours is starting to go bluish......need some of the rain they have forecast this week.........
    the tree looks great..........
    yes I do hope we have a much better 2015 with kind weather...........very kind............

  2. The rain certainly made a difference for us too. Enjoy your Christmas break........maybe there will even be some more rain.

  3. Your place is looking great. Merry Christmas

  4. Glad you have some green grass for your animals. Merry Christmas to you and your family Narelle. Hugs......

  5. so happy for you Narelle, hope the green and wetness will hang around for you.
    Have a wonderful Christmas and safe new year!

  6. Hi Narelle ,so nice to see green grass your way,take care my friend and merry Xmas to you and yours and I hope you have a happy and safe new year.xx

  7. some green around makes such a huge difference...

    Happy Happy christmas.. may it be a wet one!

  8. Nice to see that green grass! wishing you a merry Christmas also

  9. Hello Narelle,

    Oh the green grass does look great, I am envious, we have dry all Summer long, no hope of green. I bet your stock is loving it. Here's hoping for a greener and lush 2015.
    Merry Christmas Narelle.

  10. So lovely to see Narelle. Merry Christmas to you also and I hope Santa has a few more rainy sprinkles in his sack for you xx

  11. Have a wonderful Christmas Narelle. I wish you & your family all the very best for 2015 as well...
    HoHoHo :)

  12. Beautiful photos and your header is absolutely delightful! Merry Christmas. :)

  13. How green everything looks! We have had quite a lot of rain but luckily only one real storm. Our weather was perfect for the few days around Christmas. Perfect beach weather for my daughter and her boyfriend when they visited. Now it is oppressively humid. I am sitting outside trying to catch a bit of breeze before it just gets too hot. I hope you had a lovely Christmas and I wish you very Happy New Year.