Sunday, 7 December 2014

Like Rain Drops

My posts have become like the rain drops ... too few and too far between.  Yesterday started off looking good ...

only to measure 4 1/2 mm  while neighbouring areas were receiving between 40 and 80 mm (happy for them and hoping it's our turn next).  We've been forecast a wet week so everything is crossed that it delivers widespread soaking rains to all...and them some follow-up rain.

Two weeks ago I took some leave from work, swapped my playground duty hat and summer sandals for an akubra and riding boots to saddle up (after 20+ years) and help DH with the cattle. There's no feed left in most paddocks, so we take them out each day to find something to eat while still feeding hay to our breeders. My parents have been coming over each week to lend a hand also. Myself, hubby and dad... even my poor old pony has had to come out of retirement.

Needless to say, anything sewing related is non-existent and blogging has taken a back seat although I do a quick skip around a few favourites each night just for some 'normality'.

Over the last few years, we've been from flood to drought, broken by more floods and straight back into drought ... isn't it time for a regular, normal, reasonable season?


  1. Hi Narelle ,boy it sure do hope you have a great year,as you say it sure would be nice to have a couple of years like that,enjoy your riding,I used to loved horse riding,take care my friend.xx

  2. Narelle I know exactly how you are feeling.....I was so stressed on Thursday....finally we got under a decent storm........will need more but it's a great start.......I sure hope the clouds burst over you this week......and several times........not just once.....

    we are so far apart but we have been the same as you..........floods or drought......just would love some "normal" time inbetween......when things are NOT so stressful and desperate..........

  3. I am praying you get more rain Narelle. It is so sad for so many on the land. I have to say you look right at home there on your pony. Sending hugs xxx

  4. you definitely deserve some normal.... hope you are finding it a bit of fun getting back in the saddle though...x