Sunday 12 August 2018

Traditional Windy August

A chilly wind is howling outside today ... so I'm staying indoors playing with wool and fleece. Fresh off my knitting needles is a new wash cloth, perhaps a baby cloth in these soft colours.

I've just put my last cloth into use at the kitchen sink and oh boy is it absorbent ... love it!

Our youngest grandson P is off to daycare once a week and DD asked if I would like to make a shaggy bag for his 'nap time' things ... then later it can become his library bag. Diving into my stash I found two packs of 5" squares ... so why not make two bags while I was at it.  Pictures show both sides of each bag with 'I Spy' fabrics.

While August seems to be the month for making progress in the sewing room, this week I found my polar fleece fabric purchased to make some more bunny rugs. I don't think I've even shown this one on my blog ... made a couple of months ago.

Makes a sweet gift set for a baby girl I think.

So I now have the fleece cut ready for 2 more bunny rugs with matching face washers.

Also, a couple months back, a local fabric shop showed a pic of a doggy print fleece she had in ... so I just had to buy some with the intention of making a new coat for Millie. This one is lined with leftover fleece from the first bunny rug so a little more stash busting as well.

Yesterday I cut out 3 more doggy coats ready for sewing.  And I still have the 2nd half of the ball of wool to knit another wash cloth.

Not forgetting that my lovely little tags for Ruth's Quilt are sitting in the draw waiting to be trimmed to size along with gorgeous black/white fat 1/4's. But I don't want to frighten away my newly refreshed mojo by jumping in the deep end.  I'll just keep floating about somewhere in the middle ... finding my balance.


  1. Thank you for all lovely comments. Seems they aren't coming through to my email anymore :( Is this common now?

  2. Hi Narelle.... Your sewing is wonderful... I just love those shaggy bags and they weill be nice and strong... great cloth - I haven't worked with microfibre yarn... must look out for some... Millie's new coat is just perfect.... too sweet.

    There was a change in blogger about emails but it is an easy fix... look here on Shez's post and just remember to press save...


  3. Gotta love the August westerlies! Lots of lovely projects Narelle and Millie looks very schmicko xx

  4. Oh My Goodness Narelle you've sewn up a storm..
    Sweet bunny rugs and looks great withn the matching face washer.
    Fabulous coat for Millie.

  5. Got some great project going on there Narelle... well done!