Thursday, 17 December 2020

All Wrapped Up

 A timely wrap up of my sewing for the year.  Thanks to Cheryll and her WOOFA Challenge, I kept stitching away at A Merry Christmas Garden (picture in previous post) and plan to have it quilted and binding finished to gift to my daughter for Christmas 2021.  That might be a long way off but I have a lot of quilting lined up for next year.  So with the help of Cheryll, I will accept next year's WOOFA Challenge and aim high.

Thank you also to our little group of Elves over at 1XmasItemAMonth ... it's always much more fun to sew with friends.

My last finish for Christmas was a wall hanging for our Patchwork Group Santa Swap and Break-up on Monday. 

The Murder Mystery Quilt will be wrapping up in January. December's task was adding some lotus buds.

We've managed a few good showers of rain and a green tinge is appearing but hoping for a lot more rain yet to fill dams and the underground water.  Hoping 2021 is much kinder to everyone.


  1. Cute Wall Hanging to end WOOFA for this year...
    I've enjoyed popping over to watch your progress on all projects..
    Have a Happy Christmas...

  2. Fantastic finish to the WOOFA challenge. Congrats.
    I will loVe having your company again next year too.
    Merry Christmas xox

  3. Great Woofa finish! Wish we could have sent you some of our downpours! Merry Christmas Narelle x

  4. What a lovely bird wall hanging. Wishing you a very wet Christmas.... hope we can get together in 2021...

  5. What a pretty wallhanging. Wish I could send you some our rain which we do not need at the moment.

  6. very pretty wallhanging!
    looking forward to seeing your mystery quilt bit reveal.
    Best wishes for a wonderful Christmas, safe New Year and lots of rain!

  7. Merry Christmas.....hope more rain is just around the corner........