Friday, 8 January 2021

Jumping Right In

 FNWF - Tonight!  Cheryll will once again be hosting this lovely Friday Night tradition of sewing, stitching etc alongside friends.

WOOFA - Cheryll is also helping to keep me and others on track with unfinished projects and new this year ... patterns, publications and more yet to be started. Click on the link to read more.

If you can't get enough of Christmas sewing, then jingle over to 1 Xmas Item A Month hosted by myself. Our small group of Elves sew each month to get ready with handmade projects to gift or decorate next Christmas.

Our year has begun with not 1 but 2 special birthday boys - Grandsons P (turned 4) and Grandson M (turned 1). P asked for a birthday at the beach but a hot windy day was not favourable for the ice cream birthday cake...luckily didn't worry the yummy taste.  While little M also received his long awaited quilt. 

As I had started this post this afternoon before the mail arrived, bath times, dinner time and now bed time for little people, I had better dig out what I thought I might be able to work on tonight with Cheryll and friends. 

A lovely evening to you all.


  1. Always lovely to sew with you.... Happy Birthday to those gorgeous boys and a wonderful quilt given out.... such cheerful colours and it will be enjoyed for years... I will be joining you and the other elves.... hopefully get more done this year for Christmas...

  2. The quilt is gorgeous...
    Happy birthday to both little ones too...

  3. Hope you got to your sewing for FNWF.

    love the little fellows quilt - such a great pattern.

  4. Nice to spend time with family at the beach. Looks like a fun birthday for those guys. Wow! Are they ever growing up! Sweet nursery rhymes quilt!

  5. Sew good to have finished the quilt for Master M.
    Looks like both had a lovely birthday.
    Hope you got to do some sewing...