Monday 17 July 2023

Catching Up

I'm not a morning person so I was late getting to the Chookshed Zoom last Sunday. However it is always lovely to sit, sew, chat and enjoy the virtual company of such lovely ladies.

I was working on the month of June for my Temperature Quilt (Little Desert Quilts design). Then yesterday joined the last seam to have the completed Jan-June ... amazing how the colours change as the colder days arrive ... absolutely lovely this project.

You wouldn't believe how hard it is for me to find photographic evidence of finishes ... my head really has NOT been in the crafting game for a while now.  This was the 2nd Yin Yang bag I made.

Also can't believe I never shared the finished 'Churn Dash' top. Made completely from scraps in my stash and I'm very pleased with how they all worked together.

 I'm sure there's just a couple more finishes somewhere so I will keep digging.


  1. The temperature quilt is looking lovely. Nice bag & love your churn dash.

  2. I love how your temperature quilt is looking and your churn dash looks great. Mine still needs quilting! xx

  3. Well done on the churn dash! I have finished my blocks but not put them together yet... hmmmmmm! Love your temperature quilt! xx

  4. loving the temp quilt...........
    AND well done on your churn dash quilt top.......

  5. opps hit send to soon.........
    you did so well getting the churn dash from the stash............thanks for being part of the group........

  6. me again.............also it was so good to see you on zoom..........appreciate the early get up to join us.