Sunday 22 October 2023

Whatever the Weather

Plugging away each month to keep my Temperature Quilt up to date. January to June 2023

Now I have July, August, September completed.

This next quilt top was a "spur of the moment" so to speak. I lovely gentleman gifted a few boxes of his wife's quilting "stuff" to our little group, as she was no longer able to be sewing. After sorting all the fabrics, my best friend and I decided to make 'Scrappy' Quilts using the smaller scraps. Now there are 5 of us making 'Scrappy'. I just need to put a white 2" border and my top is complete.

Maybe I'll go and make a start on the month of October for the Temperature Quilt.



  1. Your temperature quilt is looking amazing. Great use of those scraps. xx

  2. love your temperature quilt!
    that scrappy quilt is beautiful too.

  3. Your temperature quilt is looking fantastic and I do love scrappy quilts....

  4. I just love temperature quilts. I like that the colos change according to the temperature which makes the quilt tell its own story. How fun!!