Wednesday 3 January 2024

A Good Start

 #6 was chosen for January for Chooky and Deana's Challenge so ....

At least I knew where to find my "Fishpond" wall hanging and the backing.

Top completed in 2010, I'm good at finishing tops, not great at finishing all the way.

Our first patchwork day is next Monday so it's going with me to baste.

I was in the craftervan yesterday and finished December. Then proceeded to add it to Oct/Nov and joined those to the rest of 2023. My Temperature Quilt needs the border next.

Love how the colours have turned out. The lowest and highest temp for each of the 365 days and the border will show how the colour relates to a temp.

Happy Sewing


  1. Looking forward to a finish by the end of the month and I love how the temperature quilt top has turned out.

  2. Good luck with getting your January goal achieved. Your temperature quilt is one of the most effective I have seen. The colours really sing.

  3. Gorgeous temperature quilt!
    It is fun to read about everyone's progress. I love how you indicated that the first step is to locate it.

  4. Your temperature quilt is fabulous.
    Have fun finishing this months challenge.

  5. Great temp quilt, enjoy the challenge this month.

  6. Your quilt looks fabulous Narelle. xx

  7. I'm like you - great at finishing tops... and then don't quite get the quilting done! Your quilt is really pretty! xx