Tuesday 30 January 2024

Nature, Scraps and Memories

Last Thursday, these baby Willy Wagtails left their nest. Mum and Dad had been very busy raising them and continue to feed them as I've spotted them around the house since.  This is their second brood, the first nest built just outside our back door ... parents would get quite upset when we kept walking past so ... they actually pulled their first nest apart and rebuilt on the other side of the house where it was much quieter.

My crepe myrtle seems to be late blooming this year but has certainly put on a beautiful show. 

Last seam sewn today and "Calendar Quilt" is a completed TOP. I had to scroll way back through the blog to find where I first posted.  Commenced in 2009, it involved 1" strips for each day of each month so there are 365 different fabrics in this quilt. Quilting friends donated scraps here and there and I can see many past projects in these scraps.  In my defence, I finished the months in that year and just couldn't decide what to use as the sashings. As a UFO Challenge in 2018, I decided on the 4 patch set on point and made about half ... then it was back to storage. My thoughts once quilted (don't hold your breath) I'll bind in a red.

Another on my 'to do' list is Lucy Boston and I did say this would be my Zoom project ... so I've decided it can also be my project for our local patchwork days ... saves me having to think of projects, pack the sewing machine and everything else etc.

Update on the Temperature Quilt ... I've sewn the 2nd half of the geese ranging from 21deg to 40deg at the top. Just waiting for the final instructions.

Finally, my blog book arrived ... again 2 years in one as my blogging has gone by the wayside. This mother possum and her baby hold special memories. In the middle of town, beside a busy roadway. this mother found a quite garden in hospital grounds, to make her home and raise her baby. 

Nature never ceases to amaze. 


  1. Love the calendar quilt, what a neat idea. That Lucy block will be lovely. It's great having a Zoom project, really saves all the effort of deciding what to do on the day.

  2. Lovely projects you are working on...

  3. Another completed top this month! Way to work hard. I hope you enjoyed it.
    Birds get pretty protective of their little ones same as any parent I guess.

  4. Oh wow, your calendar quilt is just gorgeous!! xx

  5. wow lots here to show us.........hm i don't remember the calendar quilt but I like how you finished it.........that's a beautiful Lucy block.......she's a great traveller......perfect for the Chookshed Stitchers days and also your local days........its great to choose a special photo for the cover photos.......and your temperature quilt is looks great.......

  6. Great temperature quilt, looks wonderful. Love your Lucy Boston block, great idea for a zoom project. Nature finds a way around all us humans doesn't it.