Friday, 3 June 2011

Colourful Friday ~ Flowers

Good Friday morning and welcome to another Colourful Friday with Robyn and the gang.
F L O W E R S ~~~ I thought I would go with some more unusual flowers around my home. Hope you enjoy them.

I love the name of this one ... 'Bird of Paradise' or 'Strelitzia'. I have a large clump in my garden and it never stops flowering.

My daughter loves growing succulents and is very pleased when one comes into flower.

How could I not share one of my roses ... Double Delight ... my mum's favourite.

I look forward to visiting all the colourful flowers blooming today.


  1. Have popped over but the link on your old blog only took me to blogger sign in. Is it just me? Have a look otherwise we won't find you again!

  2. Love the new name! I already left a comment??? Your blooms are beautiful and colourful! :)

  3. your flowers are beautiful Narelle

  4. Succulents have glorious flowers don't they.
    As long as we do not miss them.

  5. Lovely flowers... glad I haven't lost you in the move...