Wednesday, 29 June 2011

June Wrap Up

Not a lot of sewing has happened over the last couple of weeks but I have squeezed in a few finishes before the end of the month.

Way back on July 01, 2010 ... Kate gave the first instructions for a Stay-at-home Robin ... "start with a block which is 6" square (finished - so your block should measure 6.5" square before you sew it to anything else)". Thankyou Kate, it was exciting each month to read the next instructions and get thinking and creating.

I think I went to my box of tan scraps first and made the block ... then decided I'd make two so into the blue scraps next. Now 12 months later I am very happy to reveal both wall hangings are complete and hanging in my lounge room.

After playing with photos on the computer, I decided to turn the blue one upside down before binding and hanging.

If you click on this link you can view how some of the other players have completed their works.

*  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *
Each winter I get the urge to knit so out came the knitting needles and a refresher of casting on from mum and ...

Another scarf or neck warmer to join the cream scarf. I have a beanie pattern to try next.

Lastly I finished stitching the letter 'S' of Home Sweet Home. Each letter is being shared montly by Paula.

It's nice to be able to sit down at night even if only to do a couple of stitches ... just to wind down from the day.


  1. narelle you have been very busy and your wall hangings look great,well done

  2. the hangings look wonderful. All easter island statues need one of those scarves, love the colour.
    Great stitchery too.

  3. Hello Narelle,

    Love the quilting and that scarf looks right at home on the statue.
    Happy days.

  4. Both of your wall hangings are fantastic....

  5. Oh Narelle - all your finishes are fantastic. LOVE the model for the scarf...he looks warmer for wearing your creation too! lol

  6. Oh Narelle! Your SAHRs look great! You did a wonderful job of them! What fun projects! I should have played along, but I am soooo very far behind, as always!!

    Another great scarf!!! Don't you just love working with that pom-pom yarn!?! I need to buy more for my project!

    A lovely "S" stitchery! Thanks for the link! 8-)

  7. Love the wall hangings. They look great. I'm very behind in my Home Sweet Home - have done "H" so far!! Love the scarf. My daughter knitted herself a little shawl out of this type of yarn. She has a whole ball left as she is sick of doing it. Seeing your results, I'm tempting to get the needles out!! Just make my to-do list that bit longer. Oh, well!

  8. The wallhangins are gorgeous! Must check out that link....