Sunday, 19 June 2011

FNSI Results + Because I Said So

Wednesday was our groups patchwork day and I managed to get most of this block done with a little finishing off the next day at home.This is block 4 of the 'Because I Said So' BOM and along with block 3 which is almost completed they make up Month 2 of the BOM. Of course I'm behind already as Month 3 came last month and Month 4 arrived last week too. Confused? I think I am :) Oh well ... I'm enjoying it!

I was staying at my parents home Friday night so it was a good opportunity to brush up on my knitting and crochet skills.

First I started knitting a new scarf using 'Ping Pong' wool ... not sure if I'm happy with the effect but that could be to do with my skill level.

Then I moved onto some crochet. I think I'll always be a 'beginner' but once I get going it starts to grow ever so slowly. I must confess that mum did the first 4 rows to see how the colours went together and I've continued on from there ... a future knee rug.

Hope your Friday Night was crafty.


  1. Looks good! I wish I could crochet or knit too.

  2. great results. The first time I thought of saying that to my boys I stopped and had to think 'oh my god I am becoming my mother!' Had to giggle, have embraced it ever since though.
    Love the crochet and knitting.

  3. your blocks look great Narelle and good on you for having a go at knitting crochet.

  4. Your block looks great Narelle! You'll get caught up in good time... we all do...eventually hey!?! 8-)

    I'm making an afghan with that Ping Pong yarn... I like the effect! 8-)

    Your crochet is looking good! Love your color combo!

  5. I love the BOM of Because I said so. It's coming together so well.

    I also have a go at knitting every now and then - but never totally happy with results, but mostly put that down to skill level as well.

    Love to crochet. Learnt properly when I lived in Canberra from this lovely lady who knitted and crocheted divinely - along with many other crafts. She taught me how to hold the hook and feed the wool through my fingers - so my tension is always so much better than knitting. (My mother knits beautifully - but I could never catch on to how to hold the needles and feed the wool through my fingers, so I'm always clumsy and awkward!!)

    The colours look great and the thing about crocheting rugs is that they are so warm while you're doing it!!


  6. lovely creations. I love pon pon thread. hugs